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Sandy Spring Friends School Tuition & Financial Aid

In keeping with the Quaker principles of equality and diversity, Sandy Spring Friends School seeks a student body that represents varied economic backgrounds. Our financial aid program and our various payment options strive to help make attending Sandy Spring Friends School a reality for as many families as possible.

Receiving Financial Aid

Gross Household Income for families receiving Financial Aid.

Gross Household Income for families receiving Financial Aid.

Tuition for 2019-2020

Preschool (Age 3) $16,900
Preschool (Age 4) $18,175
Kindergarten $23,350
Grades 1-5 $27,900
Grades 6-8 $30,890
Grades 9-12 (Day) $34,245
BOARDING 5-Day (Grades 9-12) $50,400
BOARDING 7-Day (Grades 9-12) $62,950

Addition information about fees can be found on our Tuition & Fees page.

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Payment Plans

Payments to SSFS for Tuition and Fees are paid through FACTS Tuition Management. We offer two payment plans for paying tuition and the deposit with FACTS. The standard plan is 2 payments: a portion of tuition is due June 20th and the remainder is due December 20th. The alternative plan is 10 payments: 10% of tuition is due monthly April 20th through January 20th. Payments in each plan are calculated after the 9% deposit is paid. There is a $125 annual fee for the monthly payment plan, charged in September. The deposit required at the time of enrollment is applied toward tuition due in either tuition plan.

Financial Aid Application Deadlines

Current Families: December 1
New Families: January 15

Financial Aid Grants For Kindergarten–Grade 12 and Maximum Aid Amount

Sandy Spring Friends School offers need-based financial aid grants to offset the cost of tuition for students in kindergarten through Grade 12. Financial aid maximum amounts vary based on grade and whether you're a day or boarding student, as shown on the chart below.

Kindergarten-Grade 5 50%
Grades 6-8 60%
Day Students Grades 9-12 70%

Request a Financial Aid Conversation

If you would like to talk about our financial aid program, or have specific questions, please request a time to speak with Dawn Griffith, Director of Financial Aid.

Request A Call

Applying For Financial Aid

Prospective and current families seeking financial assistance are asked to submit an application through Tuition Aid Data Services (TADS). Please note that this service does not provide a source of funding – their role is to provide our Financial Aid Committee with an estimated family contribution (EFC) towards the tuition costs. The Financial Aid Committee uses this EFC as a tool in determining an appropriate grant allocation for each student while keeping within an overall financial aid budget established each year. Sandy Spring Friends School will make the final determination for financial assistance.

For more information about TADS and the Financial Aid Assessment process, please see the TADS Financial Aid Assessment & Your School PDF with an introduction and answers to frequently-asked questions on the TADS website.